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Customer Stories – K E Corporate Services

K E Corporate Services Limited


Their solutions are the right fit for us. They work as a tool with our professional services to support our clients in achieving their goals.

Kineta Kwan

Flexibility and Reliability Boost K E Corporate Services’ Outsourcing Capabilities

Established in 2015, K E Corporate Services Limited offers a full range of corporate services including corporate secretarial, accounting and payroll outsourcing services. Headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu and Singapore, the company provides clients with advice and assistance from initial planning to actual setup and operation in those locations.
The company’s professional team comes from different disciplines both locally and overseas, including the Big Four accounting background. Its clients span across vertical industries such as financial institution, retail, manufacturing and education.

Niche Services Meet Diverse Client Demands

“We serve a wide array of clients ranging from local companies of all sizes to multinational or Hong Kong-based corporations setting up offices in Hong Kong and China respectively,” said Kineta Kwan, Director of K E Corporate Services Limited. “As a reliable corporate services provider, we provide niche, professional services and support to meet diverse client demands.”
She added, “By outsourcing accounting and finance functions like payroll, tax and internal control compliance review to us, clients could focus on core activities and save the cost in maintaining their own systems. A HR manager, for example, can spend more time on recruitment, staff training or other high-value tasks.”
Many companies use a chart of accounts with multiple dimensions of analysis code in a general ledger to organize their finances. A multi-national corporation’s ledger usually involves different analysis parameters such as country, department, division and account.
She found that off-the-shelf accounting software in the market are unable to cater for longer account numbering requirements while some international top brands are too costly.

Assist in Service Operations

K E Corporate Services requires a flexible, reliable and cost-effective financial system to support its service operations and business development.
After evaluating products from several solutions providers, K E Corporate Services eventually chose FlexSystem Ltd, one of the largest Hong Kong-based enterprise management software and services provider.
“Their solutions are the right fit for us. They work as a tool with our professional services to support our clients in achieving their goals,” noted Kwan.
The corporate services provider began to implement FlexSystem’s FESA Financial Management System. Later on, FESA Human Resources Management System and Employee Self Service were also adopted.

Flexible Accounting and Reporting

FlexSystem’s solutions provide a user-centric design with great flexibility. FESA Financial’s general ledger, as an example, flexibly meets the requirements of different industries and complex organizations. It is easy for K E Corporate Services to create chart of accounts and client reports to meet specific accounting and reporting requirements of different clients. The reports can be exported for analysis by clients. FlexSystem’s FESA Financial Management System is highly scalable and flexible to serve multi-national corporations by fulfilling their business requirements.
Flexible reporting can also be found in FESA Human Resources Management System. Other functions such as leave management supports multiple leave types including block leave, which is mandatory for most financial institution clients.

Reliability and Cost-effectiveness

FlexSystem’s solutions feature a high level of data security. “As payroll and other personal information are very sensitive data, security is a key concern for us and our clients,” she said. Each professional at K E Corporate Services has strict access control to clients’ records in order to keep confidential information protected.
FESA solutions come in various modules, offering different functionalities for vertical industries. “Modules can be purchased based on our current needs. They are reasonably priced and can be added on to enhance capabilities at any stage of our business development, achieving cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency,” she said.
Moving forward, K E Corporate Services will continue to strengthen its business as a dynamic corporate services company and provide professional support whenever clients need it.
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