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Remote Document Management


Remote Document Management


A Collaborative Document Management System

Document Management - Electronic Document

Electronic Document

Electronic documents can be flexibly imported under the import menu or being dragged and dropped into the document cabinets to ease the filling process

Document Management - Collaboration and Consolidation

Collaboration and Consolidation

Users can create a topic and add the related persons to discuss about the documents. System will create a chat room for real-time collaboration and notification will be sent to the corresponding users whenever new messages are received

Document Management - Versioning Control

Versioning Control

Modifications and identical documents are saved version by version for later retrieval and review. Documents can be reverted back to previous versions or a specific time as needed

Document Management - Document Encryption

Document Encryption

All documents are encrypted to protect sensitive information and avoid unauthorized access

Document Management - Document Viewer

Document Viewer

A wide range of document and image formats are supported in our document viewer, allowing users to access, view, manipulate and print documents without switching between applications

Document Management - Security


Based on various levels of authorization, permission rights can be set at a security group level with certain permission scope. Access right can be defined as Read, Download, Modify and Delete etc.

FESADoc – Remote Document Management

FESADoc offers a comprehensive yet user-friendly document management system, helps to effectively manage documents from hardcopy to digital and seamlessly shares information in and out of organization through a single common platform. Starting from today, ditch the piles of paper and master documents from start to end at your fingertip!

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