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FESA Human Resources

FESA Human Resources


A Human Resources management system with user-centric design with a high level of flexibility

Human Resources - Personnel Administration

Personnel Administration

This supports all of the process information during the employee life cycle such as multiple employments with different policies. It’s also able to handle employee transfer from inter-company to department

Human Resources - Organization Management

Organization Management

It provides a complete view of the reporting structure that facilitates identifying job vacancies for better workforce planning and managing organizational structure and position at ease

Human Resources - Remuneration Management

Remuneration Management

Flexible benefits packages allow configuration options for a diverse range of remuneration plans. It supports cost allocation distributing to cost centres and provides retrievable in-depth cost analysis by provisions and compensation reports

Human Resources - Payroll Management

Payroll Management

The HR payroll system is software created in compliance with current Hong Kong, China, and Macau legal regulations. It can handle complex payroll processes and auto-process payment for leave, holiday and overtime

Human Resources - Leave Management

Leave Management

This functionality supports multiple leave types with various policies and allows leave entitlement calculation and reserve balance

Human Resources - Attendance Management

Attendance Management

The HRIS software facilitates flexible shift and roster planning for your staff in Hong Kong while being fully integrated with a payroll and leave management system

FESA’s HR Management Systems in Hong Kong

FESA Human Resources Management Software (HRMS) built on state-of-the-art technologies to help businesses in Hong Kong and the rest of the world thrive. The HR management system (HRMS) is software designed for enhancing workflow management and accelerating HR operations. Our HRIS software does this through several methods for companies in Hong Kong. It helps ensure compliance with the latest laws and regulations in Hong Kong, has a high level of data security, allows for flexible, ad-hoc reporting through drag and drop features within the HR software, and can be run across mobile devices.

Some of the specific features it can bring to companies in Hong Kong include HR payroll system software, leave management and workforce management among many more employee self-service (HR ESS) benefits.

The sophisticated human resource information system (HRIS) offers businesses access to multiple flexible HR functionalities that comply with HK, China and Macau employment ordinance. From Human Capital Management to Workforce optimization, find out how our human resources management system can accelerate your HR operations today.

Human Resources - User Interface


Optimize people management and increase ROI

Human Resources - Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Support organization in compliance with the latest statutes and regulations in HK, China, and Macau

Human Resources - Security


High level of data security and comprehensive access control across the software

Human Resources - Flexible Reporting

Flexible Reporting

Allows users to create an ad-hoc report by drag and drop features in the system

Human Resources - Mobility


The latest technology is capable to run on tablets or other mobile devices

Success Stories

Success Stories - S
Nurturing a culture for innovative change
Belinda Ngan, Head of Human Resources and Administration Department
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co, Ltd

For most HR directors, the need to minimise costs and enhance efficiency is always on the cards. The bank recently implemented a new digital centralised HRIS in order to tackle both these requirements at the same time.

Intertrust Hong Kong
Christian Heinen, Managing Director

“We have opened up this system so that HR departments can have independent access to their data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can also grant authorised employees access to the system so they too can access and manage their own data.”

Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment
Manager of Group Human Resources

"We are dealing with a complicated shift arrangement due to the nature of cinema business so a good roster planning helps us a lot. The new platform has significantly enhanced manpower management and the handling of complex payroll process.”

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