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Human Resources Management and Payroll System

Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is built on state-of-the-art technologies that are designed to enhance workflow management and accelerate HR operations.

Overviews of All-in-one HR & Payroll System

A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) with a user-centric design and a high level of flexibility

Human Resources - Personnel Administration
Personnel Administration

This supports all of the process information during the employee life cycle, such as multiple employments with different policies. It is also able to handle employee transfer from inter-company to the department through the Human Resource Management System

Human Resources - Organization Management
Organization Management

Our HR system provides a complete view of the reporting structure that facilitates identifying job vacancies for better workforce planning and managing organizational structure and position at ease

Human Resources - Remuneration Management
Remuneration Management

Flexible benefits packages allow configuration options for a diverse range of remuneration plans. The HRIS software supports cost allocation distribution to cost centers and provides retrievable in-depth cost analysis by provisions and compensation reports

Human Resources - Payroll Management
Payroll Management

The HR payroll system is software created in compliance with current Hong Kong, China, and Macau legal regulations. It can handle complex payroll processes and auto-process payment for leave, holiday, and overtime within one centralized payroll system

Human Resources - Leave Management
Leave Management

This functionality supports multiple leave types with various policies and allows leave entitlement calculation and reserve balance

Human Resources - Attendance Management
Attendance Management

The HRIS software facilitates flexible shift and roster planning for your staff in Hong Kong while being fully integrated with a payroll system and leave management module under the HR system

The Perfect HRMS & Payroll System For Your Business!

FlexSystem provides a robust and sophisticated HR system to give your business a leading edge.

Our HRIS software is designed to leverage mobility and improve accuracy by reducing the paperwork. Through FlexSystem HR Management & Payroll System (HRMS), you can:

  • Maintain and access the employee’s personal profile under the HRIS system at ease
  • Automate your payroll processing effectively and ensure the accuracy of employee data by using our integrated HR payroll system software
  • Assign the right people with the right skill through our HRMS system
  • Improve the visibility of workforce productivity for managers with a smart rostering module of the HR software
  • Analyze overall expenses and enhance internal control and communication with various departments across our HRIS software
  • Optimize your business operations via one centralized HR software platform

If you have any further questions regarding our HR payroll system software or want to know what our HR system can do for your business in Hong Kong, get in touch with us today.

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Highlights of HRMS & Payroll System

Optimize people management and increase ROI under the HRMS

Human Resources - Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Our HR payroll system software supports organizations in compliance with the latest statutes and regulations in Hong Kong, China, and Macau

Human Resources - Security


High level of data security and comprehensive access control across the HR system

Human Resources - Flexible Reporting

Flexible Reporting

Allows users to create an ad-hoc report by drag and drop features in the HRIS system

Human Resources - Mobility


The latest technology is capable to run on tablets or other mobile devices

Boost Your Productivity with Our Automated Payroll System

Our payroll system helps drive your human resource productivity to the next level. Leveraging the power of automation, our system minimizes manual errors and accelerates processing speed, allowing your HR team to focus on more strategic tasks. Also, it streamlines tasks from staff on-boarding to performance management as well as ensuring secure employee data handling, compliance with statutory regulations, and easy accessibility to HR data. All of these provide a boost in workplace productivity and accelerate business outcomes in the long run.

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Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service is a portal designed to be accessible on mobile devices. It enables employees to access and manage their personal and HR-related information in real-time, increasing employee engagement, communication and productivity.


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Performance Management

Performance Management System is designed to drive employee engagement for staff development. Users can complete the performance evaluation process and career development reviews with employees via one centralized platform.


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Workforce Management

Workforce Management System is a sophisticated solution designed for efficiently managing and maintaining a productive workforce – from automatic scheduling, time and attendance tracking, labor forecasting to budgeting. Managers can gain real-time visibility into their workforce while staying compliant with laws and regulations.


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HRIS & Payroll System

Human Resource Management System (HRMS ) is built on state-of-the-art technologies to help businesses in Hong Kong and the rest of the world thrive. The HR Management System (HRMS) is software designed to enhance workflow management and accelerate HR operations. Our HRIS system does this through several methods for companies in Hong Kong. It helps ensure compliance with the latest laws and regulations in Hong Kong, has a high level of data security, allows for flexible, ad-hoc reporting through drag-and-drop features within the HR software, and can be run across mobile devices.


Some of the specific features it can bring to companies in Hong Kong include HR payroll system software, leave management, and workforce management, among many more Employee Self-Service (HR ESS) benefits.


The sophisticated Human Resource Information System (HRIS) offers businesses access to multiple flexible HR functionalities that comply with Hong Kong, China, and Macau employment ordinance. From Human Capital Management to Workforce optimization, find out how our Human Resources Management System can accelerate your HR operations today.


FlexSystem’s award-winning human resource management system is suitable for organizations of every size and industry but also in China and Macau. Not only can FlexSystem’s HR management system streamline and automate complex HR and payroll processes, but it also can comply with the labor laws and regulations in Hong Kong, Macau, and China.

FlexSystem’s all-in-one software helps you automate and streamline complex HR and payroll processes. The system flexibly manages attendance, rosters, leaves, and expense claims, educating manual labor and human errors while safeguarding sensitive data and classified information.

Our payroll system simplifies the payroll process through automation and integration. Its built-in computing engine automatically calculates payroll, including various pay items such as attendance bonuses, leave payments, overtime allowances, and more. The system tracks attendance and leave data and consolidates relevant payroll data for MPF contributions and bank autopay.

Yes, our payroll systems can handle a wide variety of employee compensation types. This includes hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual pay rates, and supports various types of bonuses, incentives, allowances, overtime pay, and reimbursements.

Getting started with our HRMS system is straightforward. Simply sign up for a demo to explore the various features and capabilities of the system, streamlining and automating your HR and payroll processes with ease. Get in touch with us today.

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Streamlining HR process to increase employee satisfaction with our HRIS system

ERP Customers

  • Ricacorp Properties Limited

    FlexSystem is able to tailor their solutions to meet our needs. The timely response and professional support from its consultants have made the project implementation go well. The leave request process is now automated and can be done within two days. Department heads validate and approve leave requests online. It brings great convenience, higher efficiency and productivity to employees.
    Mike Wong
    Associate Director (Information Technology)
  • China Everbright Bank

    FlexSystem’s solution meets the requirements of our bank and employees in terms of scale and scope. Their consultants worked very closely with us to customize their solution to be the right fit for our bank. The ESS platform helps us increase employee empowerment, transparency and efficiency which aligns the core value of our bank.
    Fanny Chan
    Chief Administrative Officer, Head of Human Resources, Managing Director
  • Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

    FlexSystem’s professional team provided a smooth implementation process and brought good user experience to us. Its strong expertise is well demonstrated in multiple areas ranging from consulting, deployment to technical support. The HRMS has fostered better communication between our staff and HR department, simplified HR processes, enhanced efficiency and lowered overall operating cost.
    Ken Lam
    General Manager of Human Resources Department
  • Intertrust Resources Management Limited

    The FESA HR system we now have in place means that clients do not need to invest in their own system and it is reliable. We have opened up this system so that HR departments can have independent access to their data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can also grant authorized employees access to the system so they too can access and manage their own data.
    Christian Heinen
    Managing Director, Greater China
  • 繁中
  • 簡中