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Workflow Management

Workflow Management


Drive business process and ultimately enhance corporate efficiency

FlexWorkflow - FlexWorkflow Agent

FlexWorkflow Agent

one-stop HTML5 user interface for end users daily operations

FlexWorkflow - FlexWorkflow Monitor & Report

FlexWorkflow Monitor & Report

Tracking and analytical tool for monitoring process status and turn workflow statistical data into reports for analysis

FlexWorkflow - FlexWorkflow Designer

FlexWorkflow Designer

Design own business process & electornic form graphically by simple drag-n-drop

FlexWorkflow - Approval Hierarchy Chart

Approval Hierarchy Chart

Manage organization structure and project groups graphically

Workflow Management

Workflow Management System is a Business Process Management (BPM) solution that effectively assists users to easily design, simulate, implement, monitor and measure workflow for business and administration processes. With Workflow Management System, every of your business processes and daily manual work will be automated.

FlexWorkflow - User Interface


Your Ultimate Business Problem Solver

FlexWorkflow - Stop Manual Handling

Stop Manual Handling

Automate complex business processes to save time and handling cost

FlexWorkflow - Speed Up Business Processes

Speed Up Business Processes

With process automation and refined workflows, the lifecycle of standardized document approval is now minimized

FlexWorkflow - No More Errors and Miscommunications

No More Errors and Miscommunications

Standardization ensures process consistency, eliminating human errors and problems

FlexWorkflow - Better Performance Monitoring

Better Performance Monitoring

Allow real-time access to current activities or completed processes, having visibility in work life-cycle and business insights

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Drive business process and ultimately enhance corporate efficiency

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