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Fixed Assets Management


High Performance Compute Engine for Business Simulation & Continual Process Improvement

Fixed Assets - Accurate Forecasting
Accurate Forecasting

Accurate forecast of asset, from initial acquisition to disposal, including gain or loss

Fixed Assets - Flexible Calculation of Depreciation
Flexible Calculation of Depreciation

Automatically performs the calculation to generate depreciation figures to greatly minimize the time-consuming routine task for asset maintenance

Fixed Assets - Keep Track of Assets Transfer
Keep Track of Assets Transfer

Easily maintain and control over assets transfer to another organizational unit


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All-in-one solution to effectively manage the assets at your fingertip

Fixed Assets - Accurate Asset Management

Accurate Asset Management

Maintain all the assets activities for efficient asset management and accurate reporting

Fixed Assets - Streamline Asset Entry and Tracking

Streamline Asset Entry and Tracking

Easily establish and maintain asset information to achieve speed data entry, reduce errors and allow instant access to information

Fixed Assets - Make Disposal Easy

Make Disposal Easy

Automatically set up the disposal records and calculate disposal gain or loss figures

Fixed Assets Management

Fixed Assets Management System is designed for an effective and accurate control on fixed assets, from its initial acquisition to disposal, including the gains or losses thereof. Flexible and periodic calculation of depreciation is available to support all depreciation method applied in different types of business. Moreover, its tracking function is able to capture important information in an instant.


  • customer-l
    Despite its comprehensiveness, the accounting system is easy to manipulate the simple user interface to pick up trends. We needed insightful financial information for performance analysis and management. With the combined efforts of our team and FlexSystem, we can now prepare financial analysis in a more simple, flexible and innovative way.
    Kelvin Li
    Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Lan Kwai Fong Group
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  • customer-t
    FlexSystem is a well-established and reputable IT company in Hong Kong. Its solutions offer great flexibility and can be customized to meet our needs. The solutions also feature a high level of security with strict access control. Their consultants provide timely response and professional support to us.
    Sunny Leung
    IT Manager, Tai Hung Fai Group
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  • customer-b
    FlexSystem Consolidation System featured responsive reporting and brought several key advantages to the group, including reduction from 2 weeks to 2 hours when issuing Notes. Today only 1-2 staffs to perform the same duties, freeing other employees to focus on non-routine administrative tasks.
    Derek Chan
    Assistant Finance Manager, Beijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd
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