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Timesheet Management

Timesheet Management


Efficient time management and accurate calculation to evaluate productivity & profitability

Timesheet - Workforce Activities

Workforce Activities

Provide real-time visibility for multiple projects in details of activity or work event

Timesheet - Timesheet Approvals

Timesheet Approvals

Define user or project level approvals to customize the business process workflow

Timesheet - Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Track hours worked by project, calculate staff hourly rate and employee overtime hours

Timesheet - Project Cost Management

Project Cost Management

Assign employees from different departments, teams and locations to a specific project with a spectrum of labor rates

Timesheet - Flexible Reports & Analytic

Flexible Reports & Analytic

Retrieve employee time log and get an overview of billable time by teams, activities or projects

Timesheet - System Integration

System Integration

Integrate with Human Resources Management, Financials and Invoicing Applications

Timesheet Management

Timesheet Management System provides efficient time management and accurately calculate time spent for both employees and project managers. It allows you to capture various types of billable hours or over-time for different types of business and project.

Timesheet Management - User Interface


Visualize and control project cost in ease

Timesheet - Reduce Administrative Burden

Reduce Administrative Burden

Optimize resource utilization for both office and remote locations

Timesheet - Track Employees’ Work Hours

Track Employees’ Work Hours

Easily control costs and monitor project budgets

Timesheet - Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Fasten employee efficiency and analyze workforce performance

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Visualize and control project cost in ease

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