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Property Management

Property Management

Management System

Property Management System is a centralized platform for wide variety of property types. Users can manage tenant & property easily, collect payments & track rent due to maximize profitability of your commercial real estate operations.


A real estate CRM that is a centralized management system platform for a wide variety of property types

Property - Contract Management
Contract Management

Comprehensive contract management with email notifications for contract renewals via email. Ensures you can renew, renegotiate, cancel or consolidate all the contracts on your terms

Property - Tenant Management
Tenant Management

Creates efficient organization by centralizing Tenant and Client management, overseeing their statements, electronic invoice distribution, and activities log via our real estate CRM

Property - Reporting and Analysis
Reporting and Analysis

This powerful reporting tool enables you to quickly evaluate rental income based on different factors. Flexible reporting allows you to make better business decisions and meet the need of complex ownership structures

Property - Billing and Invoicing
Billing and Invoicing

Manage any type of property or income stream through one single billing system on our software. Moreover, the software offers comprehensive access right control capability and sends invoices automatically

Property - Lease Accounting
Lease Accounting

Take advantage of the property management system’s fully built-in general accounting, as well as financial reports and analyses. Keep track of and audit all expenses and payments on a systematic basis

Property - Rent Collections
Rent Collections

Electronic rent collection allows easy setup of automatic payments from your tenants, whether monthly or any custom option. Accepts mobile payment, Faster Payment System (FPS), Autopay and other payment methods

Property - Portfolio & Property Management
Portfolio & Property Management

Provide critical visibility into portfolio performance with cash flow forecast, rental income, and expense. Allow leases tracking, property search and occupation in an efficient way


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Automate the lifecycle of leasing via the system software and boost property portfolio performance

Property - Transaction Flexibility and Automation

Transaction Flexibility and Automation

Intuitive interface that streamlines contract set up and lease administration workflows

Property - Increase Operational Efficiencies

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Improve forecasting accuracy with increased visibility on financial performance

Property - Maximize Profitability

Maximize Profitability

Maximize revenue capture by automating complex lease calculations

Property Management System

Property Management System is a centralised system suitable for a wide variety of property types. Users can manage tenants and property in Hong Kong and the rest of the world easily, as well as collect payments and track rent to maximize the profitability of diverse real estate operations. In short, by using our property management system here in Hong Kong, you will be able to increase your transaction flexibility and automation through an intuitive and easy to use interface that makes for simple contracts and dramatically reduces the time taken for administrative works. Because everything is organised effectively within the property management system, you will be able to easily track financial performance over a given period, and then translate this into an accurate forecast.

All these benefits along with other automated complex lease calculations allows you to focus on what truly requires your specific attention, leaving you with a more efficient and highly performing business.

From sophisticated leasing to billing functionalities, find out why the Property Management software is the ideal one-stop system to optimize your HK and global real estate business operations.


Customer - iRent

Financial reporting and analytic capabilities minimise our workload in consolidating financial data as well as give us a comprehensive understanding of our business performance in different periods.a


Johnny Cheng
Business Development Manager, iRent
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