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FESA Trading

FESA Trading

FESA Trading

FESA Trading is designed exclusively for SME to Enterprise in different industry. It is easy-to-use, offering effective management of your business across all key functional areas: sales, purchasing and inventory. These systems can help companies to manage their parts, products and procedures well, increasing flexibility and productivity.


Complete control and total visibility over sales, purchase and inventory control operations

Fully automated order processing
Automate and streamline every facet of order processing by setting schedule task for system function, tracing document activities from top to bottom

Practical standard flow
Give complete control and visibility of single detail of your business & provide various standard flows to map to different situation

Approval workflow
Provide the tool to effectively manage approval workflows that comply with your business and operation requirements

Comprehensive security setting
Set individual security assignment for each user and make sure all sensitive information are under security control

User configurable report
Empower you to drag and drop any fields in report to view different results from different angles

Support attachment
Manage your business processes efficiently with the file attachment capability by calling the attached product image or document file


Project your insight into all aspects of demand and supply picture

Sales Order Management
Generates quotation, sales order, packing list, delivery note, sales invoice and updates accounting records, thus significantly simplifies the profiling procedure, as well as guarantees on-time delivery and high-level customer service

Purchase Order Management
Helps the purchase department to maintain an optimized inventory level and significantly lower the daily workload. Eventually, the company can improve its inventory efficiency and eliminate shortages in stocks

Inventory Control
Assists balancing between over-stock and outstanding stock, thus helping to maintain a lower inventory carrying costs. Warehouse transactions like sales, purchases transfers and adjustments can be monitored easily

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Project your insight into all aspects of demand and supply picture

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