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FESA Consolidation

FESA Consolidation


Accounting Tool for Group Consolidation and Budgeting

Automated Consolidation Processes

Rapid data aggregation and transformation from different sources and formats with configurable rule engine.

Compliance and Auditability

Secure results with automated validation, drill-down capability and fully tracked with audit trail & built-in tools.

Advanced Dashboard & Analytics

User-definable tools and dashboard available for insightful KPIs and smart decision-making analytics.

Multiple Data Sources

Support different types of data sources for consolidation, including transaction, voucher, trial balance and financial reports.

Multiple Exchange Rate Types

Support multiple exchange rate types, including opening rate, closing rate, average rate, historical rate and composite rate.

Automatic Currency Translation

The computation of exchange realignment for certain non-current assets and liabilities.

FESA Consolidation

FESA Consolidation is professionally designed to comply with national and international regulations for any MNC with having lot of controlling subsidiaries and non-controlling interests across continents and currencies.


Professionalize the Consolidation Operation

Secure Data Accuracy & Transparency

Facilitate the reconciliation between differing standards

Instant Financial Insights

High-speed platform to dramatically improve efficiency

Flash Results & Full Auditability

Eliminate processing time whereas meeting financial regulatory requirements

Success Stories

Derek Chan
Assistant Finance Manager

“FESA Consolidation featured responsive reporting and brought several key advantages to the group, including a reduction from 2 weeks to 2 hours when issuing Notes to Accounts. Today, 50%  fewer staffs to perform the same duties for saving manpower and time with a reduction from weekly basis to hourly basis, freeing other employees to focus on non-routine administrative tasks,”

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Professionalize the Consolidation Operation

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