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High Performance Compute Engine for Business Simulation & Continual Process Improvement

LedgerBase - Process Automation

Process Automation

Designed for complex processes and tasks to achieve seamless integration with different data source and systems

LedgerBase - Computational Engine

Computational Engine

Ultra-fast to see results and auto scalable with high security, unlimited dimensions on Ranking, Budgeting and Forecasting

LedgerBase - Visualisation


Continual monitoring with contextual actionable alerts to gain insight from data on one page and obtain business simulations to test processes with workflows


LedgerBase is an agile end-user driven application which supports complex calculations on critical data and delivers high performance on information intelligence and business analytic solutions instantly and securely.

Ledgerbase - User Interface


Make better & faster decisions

LedgerBase - Turn Data into Insights

Turn Data into Insights

Allow business users to deploy solutions quickly in response to shifting market and economic conditions

LedgerBase - Provide Accurate Analysis

Provide Accurate Analysis

Deliver efficient & logical data for process flow automation

LedgerBase - Automate Complex Processes

Automate Complex Processes

Facilitate process of data collection for decision support, control or reporting purposes

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Make better & faster decisions

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