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Cloud Technology

FlexSystem Cloud™
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FlexSystem’s innovative cloud technologies enable all our solutions build ground up to work in a multi-tenant environment across most common world-class cloud computing platforms. It allows organizations of every type, size, and industry to run private, public or hybrid cloud solutions in order to bring all the operational benefits associated with the cloud and coupled with mobile enablement processes.

Cloud Technology

Features & Benefits

Power of the cloud through FlexSystem solutions

Cloud Technology - Multi-tenant Architecture

Multi-tenant Architecture

Cloud Solutions enable greater agility and security by using extensible cloud infrastructure. This helps reduce the cost even while it leverages more robust technology. With FlexSystem Cloud™ deployment, organizations get scalability, flexibility and reliability.

Cloud Technology - Flexible and Scalable

Flexible and Scalable

FlexSystem Cloud™ offers more flexibility and greater savings. It supports growth and change of your organization rapidly. You can easily adjust capacity as required for new regions or new branches. The elastic capacity allows the business automatically expands as needed.

Cloud Technology - Continuous Upgrades

Continuous Upgrades

Regular updates are more easily implemented and less disruptive. This ensures the software application stays modern and you can also access to the latest updated regulations. Users benefit from new features as they are rolled out.

Cloud Technology - Ease of Access

Ease of Access

Expand access to technical tools and remove the barriers of migration. Reduce your total cost of ownership, improve agility and performance. Free your IT resources from maintenance tasks, so that they can focus on more strategic planning.

FlexSystem Cloud™ Enhances The Capabilities To Helping You Increase Agility And Improve Your Business

Our customers have used the cloud for a wide variety of use cases and deployed inter-regional, such as procurement systems to standardize operational processes, HR systems to cover all or various aspects of HR management to enabling multi GAAP financial reporting to different stake holders with the benefit that regional compliance achieves a more standard process.

FlexSystem Cloud

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Cloud Human ResourcesCloud Financial

Cloud Human Resources Management Software
Cloud Human Resources Management Software

A cloud HRMS (Human Resource Management System) caters diverse functionalities and offers better, quicker, and easier HR management by allowing organizations to store employee data on a single, easily accessible, secured online location. The data can be accessed instantly, anytime, anywhere, from any device with internet connection at ease. With our cloud payroll software, users can manage employee administration, movements & termination all from an intuitive and seamless system.

Enjoy worry-free compliance with easy,
flexible and localized cloud payroll software

Cloud Human Resources Management Software - Flexibility


Create organization-specific rules and define your business logic for HR workflow

Cloud Human Resources Management Software - Accuracy


Our cloud payroll software can assure compliant to standardized practices across different industries

Cloud Human Resources Management Software - Ease


FlexSystem cloud payroll software automates the payroll processes and reduces efforts significantly by simplifying complex tasks

By adopting in a cloud HRMS, you can access, operate and control everything related your payroll from onboarding employees to terminating processes over a single application – cloud payroll software.

With cloud payroll software, you can track and manage the information related to all your employees’ life cycle events, such as onboarding, benefits, salary adjustments, leave management and employee communications using one centralized source of data in the cloud HRMS.

FlexSystem HRMS is an award winning cloud payroll software that delivers accuracy, security and consistency to payroll professionals and business owners. Cloud HRMS tools eliminate human error and streamline your HR, with the ability to integrate with our cloud financial software to improve the overall level of efficiency.

The cloud payroll software can automate your entire payroll, taxation and other calculations, saving your time from the hassles of laborious and manual calculations. The error-free and seamless cloud payroll software processing eliminates the payroll redundancies and inaccuracies to give your enterprises’ efficiency a boost.

Discover how our cloud payroll software streamlines HR workforce and utilize your resources.

FlexSystem cloud HRMS is a game-changing cloud payroll software that drives business value for enterprises of all sizes across industries

If you’re ready to implement a new cloud payroll software, get in touch with us today.

Cloud Human Resources Management Software

Cloud Financial Management Software
Cloud Financial Management Software

A cloud accounting system enables businesses to gain real-time visibility into their internal operations with a view to automating financial processes. With our cloud financial software, users can streamline their repetitive, manual accounting processes including billing, invoicing and bank reconciliation from a centralized cloud accounting system platform. A cloud financial software gives you an overview of your accounts and gain deeper insights about your current financial position.

Take control of your financial data with
the reliability of FlexSystem cloud accounting system

Cloud Financial Management Software - Flexibility


With the cloud financial software, accounting professionals are flexible to work from anywhere and collaborated by multiple users at the same time on the data

Cloud Financial Management Software - Accuracy


Gain real-time financial insights and operational visibility with the cloud financial software

Cloud Financial Management Software - Ease


Our cloud accounting system can automate the complex processes to improve your decision making

By adopting in a cloud accounting system, you can run your business in a smarter and faster way. Working in the cloud will give you a better overview of your finances, budgeting, forecasting and enhance your team collaboration.

Cloud accounting system plays an indispensable role for business owners to stay linked to their accountants and their financial data as they can easily grant access to the accounts with a cloud financial software. The cloud accounting system can also integrate with other ERP solutions which are highly secure with automatic data backups and restoration.

FlexAccount is a game-changing cloud financial software that drives effectiveness in decision making for business growth. Other features in the cloud accounting system include built-in dashboards and reporting, expense management, project accounting, cost allocation, multi-entity consolidations and integration with other business applications within the centralized cloud financial software.

With an automated cloud accounting system, you can prepare financial statements in accordance with the regulatory standards and comply with GAAP or IFRS adjustments through the all-in-one cloud financial software.

There are many routine tasks like invoicing, bank reconciliations and reporting which can be done automatically on the cloud financial software. An ideal cloud accounting system helps in shifting the focus on maximizing profits and growth of the business. Cloud financial software can revolutionize the efficiency of your bookkeeping and streamline your financial administration.

Discover how our cloud accounting system automates the process of managing general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash and procurement.

Our cutting edge cloud financial software enables businesses to monitor key business performance metrics consistently to boost their overall operations.

If you’re ready to implement a new cloud accounting system, get in touch with us today.

Cloud Financial Management Software

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