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Tool for Business Intelligence Needs


EIQX - Collect All Levels of Operation Data
Collect All Levels of Operation Data

Provide a complete insight of business performance

EIQX - Simplify Query Statement
Simplify Query Statement

Make analysis from unlimited dimensions and angles

EIQX - Security Control
Security Control

Set user access right and authentication up to record level


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Featured Products

Featured Product - Financial Management

Financial Management

Financial Management System is a new generation of accounting system that improves the efficiency and performance of a group of companies. It realizes the best practice of financial management in different industries.

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Featured Product - Financial Query

Financial Query

Financial Query is an integrated Finance Computing Engine which allows users to get final results of data processing through reporting. It represents the best practice in financial data retrieval, featuring with a user-friendly interface and powerful analysis engine.

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Featured Product - Financial Consolidation

Financial Consolidation

Financial Consolidation is professionally designed to comply with national and international regulations for any MNC with having lot of controlling subsidiaries and non-controlling interests across continents and currencies.

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Unlock data assets and improve overall business performance

EIQX - Multiple Data Sources Support

Multiple Data Sources Support

Support multiple data source which providing an universal access to all information

EIQX - Multi-dimensional Analysis

Multi-dimensional Analysis

Examine the business operation from a multi-angle viewpoint

EIQX - Customizable Dashboard

Customizable Dashboard

Deliver dashboard and reporting capabilities through a zero-footprint, browser-based user interface


EIQX is an enterprise-class query engine that provides powerful and integrated platform to easily explore, extract, transform and deliver valuable data for operational reporting, query and analysis. It enables the management to gain insight into numerous operational data and quickly identify the factors to optimize revenue and improve operational efficiency.

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