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Services - System Integration

System Integration

One of our strong differentiators involves the depth and capability relating to applications and web services integration that allows us to help our customers move across operational boundaries. Examples include integrating cloud and legacy systems. aCube takes cloud-based integration from customer managed on-premises integration to the next level by combining advanced technology and best practice automation.

Services - Consultation Service

Consultation Service

We help organizations make use of IT solution for strategic deployment to reduce costs, drive revenue and deliver superior customer service. Consulting service aligns your business objectives. Our experienced consultants help you find a suitable solution including implementation, optimization, and migration services to add value to your existing systems for streamlining operations and workflow process.

Services - Consultation Service

Services - Software Development

Software Development

Since establishment, aCube has set the mission to provide total solutions to clients through our high quality products and professional consulting services. Apart from aCube’s self-developed application suites, we also provide Custom Software Development Services to tailor the applications for clients to address their unique business needs. With our services, a direct connection between our system analyst, consultant and clients will be build up to deploy the flawless custom development campaign, striving for the mutual success of maximum ROI in the long run.

Services - Data Transformation

Data Transformation

Data transformation over multiple platforms, applications and databases are the process of collaboration across an organization to create best-practices. It involves transforming data based on requirements of analysis, making sense out of business interactions, and presenting analytics as management information. We keen to facilitate clients to be more interactive on business pertaining to sales, customers, financial and procurement information for strategic decision making.

Services - Data Transformation

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Featured Products

Featured Product - Financial Management

Financial Management

Financial Management System is a new generation of accounting system that improves the efficiency and performance of a group of companies. It realizes the best practice of financial management in different industries.

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Featured Product - Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management System is built on state-of-the-art technologies that is designed for enhancing workflow management and accelerating HR operations.

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Featured Product - Trading Management

Trading Management

Trading Management System is designed exclusively for SME to Enterprise in different industry. It is easy-to-use, offering effective management of your business across all key functional areas: sales, purchasing and inventory. These systems can help companies to manage their parts, products and procedures well, increasing flexibility and productivity.

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