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aCube Solutions offers the ideal enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to assist with business management in Hong Kong and other countries around the world. We provide a new generation of enterprise management software platform to maximize the client’s operational efficiency. With our ERP solution, you can integrate all important parts of your organization in Hong Kong and processes in the rest of the world to run within a single system.

FlexSystem Enterprise Software Architecture (FESA), is a flexible, scalable and robust platform with built-in computing engine to fulfill dynamic changes at the edge. From the FESA Financial (aka FlexAccount) solution to FESA Workforce, our HK research and development center provides ERP technology innovation to facilitate the optimizing of your business operations.


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Human Resources Management System

FESA Human Resources

FESA Human Resources is built on state-of-the-art ERP technologies. The HR solution is designed in HK and made for enhancing workflow management and accelerating operations such as personnel administration, remuneration, and payroll management.

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service provides opportunities for enterprises to streamline HR processes. It is an Employee Self-Service portal that delivers on mobile devices, increasing employee engagement, communication, and productivity.

Workforce Management System

FESA Workforce

FESA Workforce Management empowers your employees to manage their time-related information and improve the visibility of workforce productivity for managers. Features include leave management, time and attendance, and scheduling.

Financial Management System

FESA Financial

FESA Financial, also known as FlexAccount, is a new generation of accounting system that improves the efficiency and performance of a group of companies. It realizes the best practice of financial management in different industries.

Property Management System

FESA Property

FESA Property Management is a centralized software platform for a wide variety of property types. Users can manage tenants and property easily, collect payments and track rent to maximize the profitability of commercial real estate operations.

Property Management System

FESA Project

FESA Project Management is an integrated software platform that helps to manage detailed project elements from contracts, requisition, changes, and payments. It provides real-time insights into the control and forecast of project costs to gain visibility.

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