Mobile Attendance Apps Simplify Attendance Management


Managing employee attendance is one of the important daily tasks of human resources (HR) department. HR people keep track of working hours, sick leave, paid time off and vacations of each employee.


Yet, attendance management has never been easier in today’s workplace. A number of problems are commonly encountered by most companies. For instance, difficulty managing employees in multiple sites efficiently, missing attendance information due to time clock malfunctions, failing to capture employee attendance such as unable to identify employees’ fingerprints, long waiting time for queuing up in front of time card machine to punch in or out.


A platform to centralize HR functions into one simple, easy-to-use, cloud-based system will save significant resources on manual data entry or other mundane tasks and streamline communication with your employees.


With the rise of advanced technologies and millennial workforce, companies of all sizes see a growing number of mobile workers. Technologies enable people to collaborate virtually anywhere and anytime. Millennials expect better mobility in their workplaces. Many mobile workers frequently work in local and overseas branch offices, remote sites or virtual offices. Workforce mobility poses further challenges to HR in managing staff in multiple or remote locations.


All these challenges have frustrated both employers and employees. Proper attendance management is more important now than it has ever been in the past.


Mobile attendance apps are gaining traction in recent years. Employees can punch in and out from anywhere using their mobile devices. These apps help HR monitor employees’ attendance and track time easier and efficiently without worrying about fake or buddy punching.


Enterprise solutions provider FlexSystem’s new mobile attendance app Alpha Connect improves HR experience in attendance management for all industries regardless of location. It provides an admin version and a staff version. The app offers a simplified and intuitive user interface. Mobile timeclock records populate time and attendance system automatically, enabling HR to easily track time, attendance and staff productivity.


The app has Beacon and GPS features, which allow employees to punch in at multiple physical locations on one hand and employers to monitor multiple sites’ attendance on the other hand. It also works offline for employees to check in.


In the retail industry, it is common for employees to station in different places. Sales people work in retail stores throughout the day. Workers like warehouse keepers, packaging and delivery operators are usually located in warehouses or storerooms. HR, admin staff and management teams are mostly based in head offices. Alpha Connect enables frontline and backend staff to punch in and out at the same time in various locations.


Push notifications and alerts can be sent to team administrators and employees for real-time check-in or check-out updates. Team administrators can communicate with their team members via the app. The app can also collect quality attendance data instantly. Attendance data can be compiled as daily, weekly or monthly reports for HR to arrange payroll.

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