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Making HR Agile

Nov 23, 2020

Leveraging Data for Value

Core information for value creation already exists, but leveraging it for that purpose is mostly nascent so far. Step changes in data handling capabilities are however now enabling end to end process design with integral contextual analytics + workflows, making your systems work for you and not vice versa.


Privacy and Cybersecurity

Leveraging core HR system data has to be done with care. Often leverage is about anonymous aggregated data rather than PII data, but a standard approach to handling any process design drives added value in itself.


With data being seen as the new oil, and with IT systems being increasingly pervasive and potentially “insecure”, new regulatory and breach disclosure rules continue to come into effect with increasing speed.


Aspects of HRIS data handling need to be considered carefully, so always think about the legal, logical and physical location of data, throughout any end to end process. Also worthy of note is that the fast emerging internet of things is changing the game in a number of areas. From Time & Attendance with facial recognition or beacon based detection workforce management systems to driving or encouraging “green” behavior, as part of your ESG initiatives for reduced power consumption etc.



As has already been seen in 2020, having access to ERP systems from anywhere is a powerful enabler, and is a game changer considering also that all documentation is accessible. This, like some of the areas described above, is more about all of us going up a steep learning curve on cyber security and privacy in its various guises.


Not easy when all it takes is one single person somewhere in an organization to click on a bad link. Worthy of note, is the fact that an attack often starts in seemingly unimportant areas, and is then moved along by threat actors horizontally through your other systems to your more valuable data assets.


Dashboards / Portals

#WFH initiatives are not working for everyone with different stakeholders having very different challenges; for example managers losing aggregate productivity; singles feeling isolated; lack of IT infrastructure that prevents work being done; having young children to care for etc. so the importance of fostering 2 way communication with HR can prove to be invaluable. The software can handle all types of data, including video, making it an important asset.


Data or Information

Technology capability is changing and having secure processes that combine HR, Financial and Budget data can create deeper opportunities for both short and long term planning.


Processes, which are auditable and repeatable, can be in place to aggregate HR metrics from subsidiaries, which enables head and regional offices to leverage more experienced personnel across smaller subsidiaries.


Headcount movement data, as well as other metrics for diversity, gender ratios, pay rises within manager, and ethnicity etc are available for ongoing reviews. Cybersecurity and compliance controls are and therefore should continue to be an important part of any initiative.


Gaining Time

With your Human Resource Management Systems working for you more proactively, you can continue the journey of iterative refinement to add deeper value. Using biometrics for time attendance, having documents available online, and starting to combine metrics x-application and x-vendor ecosystem, provides you with increasing agility for value creation.

FlexSystem is a business software vendor to 1 in 10 Forbes Global 2000 (May 2020) and 1 in 5 Global Fortune 500 (August 2020), operating at the intersection of new process and payment technologies to provide you with iterative opportunities for value creation with or without AI at both gross and net margin levels.


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