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Expense Management

Expense Management


Automate Operation  •  Boost Efficiency  •  Improve Visibility

Expense - Expense Reimbursement

Expense Reimbursement

Employee expenses can be reimbursed easily with an intuitive user interface and mobile application

Expense - Digital Receipt

Digital Receipt

Easily capture receipts with mobile photos and a desktop drag and drop system

Expense - Advanced Approval Workflow

Advanced Approval Workflow

Support rules and workflows for approval that enforce compliance of corporate expense policies

Expense - Currency Conversions

Currency Conversions

Enable easy entry of expenses in different currencies and convert to foreign exchange rates

Expense - Budget & Expense Report

Budget & Expense Report

Analyze overall expenses by department and control excessive spending

Expense - System Integration

System Integration

Easily integrate with payroll systems or accounting systems for effective payment process

Expense Management

Expense Management System is an easy-to-use expense management system that allows you to have full visibility and manage employees’ use of business financial resources. When it comes to anything from expense reimbursement to currency conversions ad even budget reports, enterprises in Hong Kong can easily streamline their administrative processes with our expense management system.

With us, you will be able to identify cost-saving opportunities, reduce the amount of human errors, and save time on previously laborious tasks. By handing off the duties to our automated system, you will be able to spend more time growing your business and on other areas which need your direct attention.

Expense Management System can also help with increasing employee satisfaction and the overall system’s efficiency. Having solid and organized financial foundations which allow you to easily stay compliant make growing and scaling your business a far easier and more realistic option.

Whether you are a large multinational business or local brand here in Hong Kong, find out how our expense management system can refine your company’s processes today.

Expense Management - User Interface


Get Full Visibility and Manage Employee Expenses

Expense - Enforce Expense Policy

Enforce Expense Policy

Make better decisions with expense policy adjustments and budgeting

Expense - Streamline Workflows and Administration

Streamline Workflows and Administration

Prevent entry errors and increase accuracy

Expense - Optimize Workforce Productivity

Optimize Workforce Productivity

Automate processes on approving expense, submitting receipts and reimbursing employees

Expense - Great Employee Experience

Great Employee Experience

Engage employees and managers with better communication through mobile

Success Stories

Success Stories - S
Nurturing a culture for innovative change
Belinda Ngan, Head of Human Resources and Administration Department
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co, Ltd

For most HR directors, the need to minimise costs and enhance efficiency is always on the cards. The bank recently implemented a new digital centralised HRIS in order to tackle both these requirements at the same time.

Intertrust Hong Kong
Christian Heinen, Managing Director

“We have opened up this system so that HR departments can have independent access to their data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can also grant authorised employees access to the system so they too can access and manage their own data.”

Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment
Manager of Group Human Resources

"We are dealing with a complicated shift arrangement due to the nature of cinema business so a good roster planning helps us a lot. The new platform has significantly enhanced manpower management and the handling of complex payroll process.”

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Streamlining HR process to increase employee satisfaction with our expense management system

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