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Financial management system with user-centric design with a high level of flexibility

Financial - General Ledger
General Ledger

Flexibly meet the accounting and reporting requirements of different industries and complex organizations

Financial - Budget Planning
Budget Planning

Maintenance of individual budgets, revenue and cost ledgers for each department, project, or other defined activities for multiple years, with detailed drill-downs

Financial - Consolidation

Support different accounts and financial periods mapping with defined grouping rules. Minimize the workload in combining the ledgers from subsidiaries

Financial - Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable

Provide comprehensive tools for billing automation and customer management promptly with accurate, up-to-the-day information

Financial - Cost Allocation
Cost Allocation

Support different absorption rules to specific expenses or profit allocation among certain groups, departments, employees or projects, etc

Financial - Inter-company Allocation
Inter-company Allocation

Centralize inter-company expenses allocation from its subsidiaries for better control over the accounts payable process and cash flow

Financial - Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable

Automate accounts payable with approval and cross ledger settlement functions that allow electronic payment links with different banks

Financial - Account Analysis
Account Analysis

Offer different kinds of managerial analysis, such as job analysis, profit, and cost centre analysis, etc. Easily compare and manipulate data across multiple dimensions and perspectives of business

Financial - Bank Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation

Support quick and convenient bank reconciliation by importing the electronic bank files of statements


A Human Resources management system with user-centric design with a high level of flexibility

Human Resources - Personnel Administration
Personnel Administration

This supports all of the process information during the employee life cycle such as multiple employments with different policies. It’s also able to handle employee transfer from inter-company to department

Human Resources - Organization Management
Organization Management

It provides a complete view of the reporting structure that facilitates identifying job vacancies for better workforce planning and managing organizational structure and position at ease

Human Resources - Remuneration Management
Remuneration Management

Flexible benefits packages allow configuration options for a diverse range of remuneration plans. It supports cost allocation distributing to cost centres and provides retrievable in-depth cost analysis by provisions and compensation reports

Human Resources - Payroll Management
Payroll Management

The HR payroll system is software created in compliance with current Hong Kong, China, and Macau legal regulations. It can handle complex payroll processes and auto-process payment for leave, holiday and overtime

Human Resources - Leave Management
Leave Management

This functionality supports multiple leave types with various policies and allows leave entitlement calculation and reserve balance

Human Resources - Attendance Management
Attendance Management

The HRIS software facilitates flexible shift and roster planning for your staff in Hong Kong while being fully integrated with a payroll and leave management system

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