Corporate Social Responsibility

 As a leading firm in ICT field, FlexSystem recognizes her role and responsibilities in the community. Therefore, she is always ready

to join and launch different projects to help needy in Hong Kong.


In the past decades, social awareness and citizenship grow. People expect enterprises not just focusing on maximize their profit, but

also on contributing to the common goods. So, as a part of society, FlexSystem integrates "Cooperate Social Responsibilities" into

her decision-making. With the foundation of financial stability, "Equity", "Justice" and "Equality" are added into her daily operations.


The Core Values of Hong Kong are essential parts of FlexSystem. They help to develop and shape the beliefs and operations of FlexSystem. "Individual", "Enterprises" and "Society" are the 3 significant factors that help to build up a harmonious environment.

Lacking any one of them will make the balance collapsed. Therefore, FlexSystem aims to do more in the aspect of "Society" with the concept of "Sustainability". It is with this goal that FlexSystem is eager to have more contributions in the community.

  • Social Involvement
    Social Involvement

    Social problems are now commonly found in Hong Kong. The atmosphere is quite tense at this moment. To work for the community, FlexSystem serves her functions, trying to contribute more on stabilizing the atmosphere. At the very beginning, she targets the youth as those she serves.


    As the youth are lacking practical skills and experiences, they are often at a less favored position when comparing to others. To strive to balance, FlexSystem acts as a platform for the youth to experience real working life, transforming the learnt theories to actual skills. She works with different educational institutions to offer chances to the youth.


    Here are the programmes that FlexSystem now participates in:

    • Special IT Community Employment Depth Project - The ‘In’ Generation 
    • Internship Programme: UST, IVE and CMA
  • Green Activities
    Green Activities

    Green Activities are also be emphasized by FlexSystem. To work for a better planet, she promises:


    1. Comply with all the regulations and laws that are effected in Hong Kong

    2. "Create", "Implement" and "Maintain" a management project to meet

         environmental targets and standards

    3. Reduce unnecessary wastes from different stages, from purchasing of

        materials to selling of products, relieving the pressures on our planet

    4. Promote green messages to her staff, arising their environmental protection


    5. Review her policies regularly, improving her environment ceaselessly.

    Green Activities that have been engaged:

    • Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence
    • Earth Hour 
    • Recycle Your Own Cartridge
  • Caring Employer
    Caring Employer

    FlexSystem is keen to build up a team of diversified professionals, with both soft and hard sills are equipped. Staff is one of the most significant assets for FlexSystem.


    Their psychological and physical health is one of the caring focuses. A comfortable working environment can facilitate the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees.


    Different kinds of activity are recognized regularly, to consolidate staff’s relationship and release their relevant pressure.