In recent years, there is a shortage of manpower. Many companies have increased the number of part-time employees for seasonal demand fluctuations or temporary employees for project-based jobs. The working hours of Part-time employees with continuous employment contracts should be calculated carefully. If their working hours reached the "418" policy, they are entitled to additional statutory benefits with complex calculation.

Statutory protection and benefits 4-18 employees
(continuous contract)
Non-4-18 employees
Wage protection    
1. Statutory minimum wage
2. Wage payment protection
3. Restriction on deduction from wage
Retirement and accident protection    
4. Mandatory Provident Fund/pension
5. Severance payment
6. Long service payment
7. Employees' compensation insurance
Holiday and leave    
8. Rest day
9. Statutory holidays
10. Statutory holidays with pay
11. Paid annual leave
12. Paid sick leave
Family-friendly benefits    
13. Maternity protection
14. Paid maternity
15. Paid paternity leave
16. Protection against dismissal
17. Protection from anti-union discrimination

Source: https://www.legco.gov.hk/research-publications/english/1617in13-review-of-employment-benefits-under-continuous-contract-in-hong-kong-20170525-e.pdf

Optimize Manpower with Right Tool

The number of front-line positions has increased rapidly. Scheduling workforce is very time-consuming and overstaffed /understaffed business may impact productivity. It is common that a staff with multiple hats and works in different locations. These make HR difficult to control labour cost and monitor staff attendance. Right tool to manage workforce, oversee available manpower and align staffing requirement is vital. How do you track hours worked so you know when to pay overtime?