Next Generation- Cloud Based HR

The right software improves HR services and allows HR professionals to focus more on strategic improvement and boost productivity

FlexSystem is an innovator and in 2011 re-engineered all of its systems specifically for the cloud meaning that our solution set can work on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid cloud where parts of the system may be kept on your in house servers and parts on the public cloud.

FESA Human Resources ( FEAS HR ) which is part of the FlexSystem Cloud Suite works on Amazon Web services or Microsoft Azure and many other offerings that use virtual machines .

There are three key attributes in software ownership of HRIS in the Cloud:

First are the tangible ones associated with costs of implementation, annual maintenance costs, training and re-training costs ( new hires ).

Second are those intangible and sometimes harder to measure like productivity costs, the benefits of better work life balance by allowing certain tasks to be performed from anywhere at any time like annual leave, timesheets, appraisals, bookings for training.

Third emerging one is the real use of IT power to help bring together information to pro-actively identify real business issues. Access to staff attrition data, absentee reports or proactive reviews of consulting staff who are fully deployed but who have taken no holiday can pinpoint staff at high risk of leaving as well as other HR issues.

The future of HR is undoubtedly “mobile” with more users to expect that basic records and processes are accessible via phone, tablet or other hand-held device.

FESA HR is well proven in the market and is being used by both Chinese and International companies for both payroll and HR. Its functionality includes Personnel Administration, Remuneration / Payroll Management, Leave Administration, Time and Attendance Management and the Employee Self Service Platform ( ESS ). ESS enables staff to interact anytime and anywhere.

Workflows can be complex or simple, can be across offices meaning that processes can be standardised and be in line with corporate guidelines. Workflows can be granular in nature meaning that documents can be routed based on certain criteria e.g. salary level with single or multi level approvals, location or simply, for example in a cut throat recruitment market, the time to offer can be reduced by being able to quickly route approval requests.

Cloud deployment means that local, regional and global statistics can be brought together quickly removing the many interventions that are required to seek information from departments and other office locations which quickly can become a hassle if relevant staff have resigned, are on vacation or on sick leave.

Isn't HR in the cloud an oxymoron? What about security? Working with many Chinese and International companies FlexSystem continues to improve security and to look at new initiatives. Leveraging from the FlexSystem Security Committee FESA HR allows for a basket of security options that includes 256-bit encryption , 3-DES , with the option of using security certificates. At, the end of the day security is a shared responsibility meaning that each party has a responsibility, applying security patches for example, to help ensure that security is maintained in the system.

Additionally users can decide where their data resides with some data being kept on in-house servers and other on a public cloud. With services like Amazon and Azure etc users can continue to add granularity by specifying who , what and where can be accessed and at what time.



HR Software: Your HR and Payroll Solution

Managing a company from top to bottom is no easy task. Owners have to think about marketing, advertising, payroll, revenue, and a host of other aspects of their business. While these responsibilities can be daunting, the help of quality human resources software can streamline and ease the burden on several company departments. The best HR software utilizes an integrated approach to managing employee benefits, payroll, and overall employee-related functions. If your company has not already implemented HR software, here are three advantages to HR management software (HRMS) that will make you re-evaluate.

1. Error Control -- Human error is one of the biggest problems in payroll. Large companies can house thousands of employees, making tracking their wages, deductions, taxes, and vacation time an uphill task. With the help of HR and payroll software, this process can be automated. The system can keep track of every employee, how much they make, how much should be deducted in benefits and taxes, and how much vacation they've earned. The software can even offer ways for employees to track their own earnings. HRMS portals can uniquely assign a username and password for each employee that allows him or her to view all payment information online.

2. Efficiency -- Placing a company's HR functions on an automated system saves time. What used to take hours to fill out, sign, and turn in to payroll processing, can take a percentage of that time with HRMS solutions. With a few clicks, HR personnel can have employees paid on time, and let the system do the rest of the work, sending out payment confirmations and updating employee accounts. HR departments can then direct their attention to other functions of HR, such as hiring new employees and training.

3. Reports -- An HR system allows businesses to pull employee reports quickly. The data can be sorted and narrowed to specific target groups, and even entered into analytic tools. This can be helpful in determining different marketing, hiring, and production statistics, such as how many employees a particular department has, how much each employee is paid, and how employees have impacted the overall success or decline of a company. Based on these reports, business owners can make critical decisions about their company's future.
The best HR software keeps the needs of both employers and employees in sight, and helps integrate various parts of a business. With a quality HR system, companies will see an increase in productivity, performance, and possibly even the morale of their employees. All of these are solid reasons to invest in the best HR software possible.